Redazione Piccolo

Between 1907-1912, Joyce wrote 9 articles for the local paper, Il Piccolo della Sera.  All these articles concerned Irish topics, from the first article of March 22, 1907 ‘Fenianism: The Last Fenian’ on the death of John O’Leary, to the article on Home Rule in May of the same year, the articles on Oscar Wilde, written for the Trieste premiere of  Strauss’ Salomè  in 1909 and the banning of George Bernard Shaw’s ‘The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet’, to the final two articles written by Joyce during his stay in Galway in 1912.  These articles are of considerable interest as they reflect Joyce’s changing and often ambivalent attitudes towards his native country.  Joyce also attempted to write other articles for Il Piccolo della Sera and other Italian papers (on the Dublin Exhibition n 1907, interviews with Caruso and Marconi in 1909 and 1912).  In 1914, Joyce tried to interest the Italian publisher Formìggioni in a collection of his articles under the title ‘Ireland at the Bar’, but nothing ever came of this project.