Bloomsday 2018

14th to 17th June

A party for Joyce
14-17 June

Bloomsday, the festival commemorating James Joyce (who lived in Trieste from 1904 to 1920) and celebrating his unforgettable creation Leopold Bloom is back!
Observed annually on the 16th of June in Dublin, New York, Pola, Melbourne, Shanghai, Moscow, Paris, London, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and elsewhere in the world, Bloomsday will be celebrated in Trieste – the city which Joyce called “my second country” – with a range of cultural activities: conferences and exhibitions, dramatizations and readings, drink and food, music and dancing, chatting, walking and strolling, all in the name of Joyce and of his great (anti)hero.
This year the Bloomsday events will be focused on episode seven of Ulysses, “Aeolus”, which takes place in the Freeman Journal newspaper offices, at 12.15. Bloom is in the back office of the Freeman getting a copy of his Keyes advertisement. While at work, he walks through the printing rooms to the Telegraph offices and talks to various characters gathered there, some of them for work, some others because they are passing by. The text records the noise of the printing press as well as the chatting and conversing of journalists and visitors alike. The newspaper-like headlines break up the text, while the Keeper of the Winds is represented by the windy rhetoric used in journalism, oratory and daily blathering.





17.00, Stazione Rogers, Riva Grumula 16
When Joyce was writing for the Piccolo – Round Table

Between 1907 and 1912, Joyce wrote nine articles for the Piccolo della Sera mainly on Irish subject-matters: Fenianisn, Home Rule, Oscar Wilde, the premiere of Strauss’s Salomè, George Bernard Shaw, and on other topics as well. But what were the Piccolo newspaper offices like back in those days? Did they resemble the Freeman’s Journal offices of Ulysses? How different are they nowadays? Enzo D’Antona, editor of Il Piccolo, Claudio Erné, photographer and journalist, and Renzo Crivelli, commentator and journalist of the Sole 24 Ore, will address the issue and converse with the public, while Laura Pelaschiar and Paolo Quazzolo will intrude with readings of “Aeolus” snippets.

19.00 – Grezar Stadium, via Flavia entrance
Official launch of the James Joyce mural and of the Joyce BUSeum 2018. The event is part of the Chromopolis project of the Comune di Trieste, organized by the PAG (Progetto Area Giovani). The urban renovation of suburban areas such as Valmaura has also resulted in the creation of art pieces, as the large portrait of James Joyce on the outside wall of the Stadium itself. In their mural, street artists Skan and Cadmio have re-interpreted and depicted three episodes of Ulysses – “Aelous”, “Sirens” and “Penelope” – with styles and techniques which aim to mirror the diversity of styles and techniques used by Joyce himself in the composition of his masterpiece.



10.00 Museo Sartorio – Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1
A World of… paper
Giulio Giorello – conference
In “Aeolus” the news – some of it not very relevant – pouring out of newspaper offices may become a substitute for reality, more specifically for Dublin city life. But a gust of wind is enough to sweep this reality off and to restore real life, even though real life itself may seem just as unreal as the world of paper created day in day out by the media.

to be followed by
Ulysses for dummies: Aeolus
In the overall structure of the novel, “Aeolus” may well be considered a “didactic” episode, encouraging readers to reflect upon the hectic life of newspapers and of their production process at the turn of the century.

to be followed by
Bloomsday 2017
Video by Paolo Visnovitz, to re-live the most enjoyable moments of Bloomsday 2017. With Paolo Visnovitz. Shooting: Riccardo Cepach, Salvatore Napolano, Paolo Visnoviz. Music: Wooden Legs, Baby Gelido. Copyright: Comune di Trieste (Museo Joyce Museum / Ufficio immagine)

17.00 – Piazza Ponterosso, Joyce Buseum
Joyce Walking Tour, led by Renzo S. Crivelli (University of Trieste): approximately 1.30 hour.
You will visit Joyce’s “la mia bella Trieste”, its streets, churches, theaters, bars, “osterie” and brothels. You will have the opportunity to see the building of The Berlitz School, where Joyce spent his working time teaching English to the Triestini, and to glance at the windows of the many rooms and flats he rented during his 12 years in the city.

18.30 – Portici della Loggia Comunale, Piazza Unità d’Italia
Aeolus. The newspaper
Adaptation of “Aeolus”, written by Giuliano Zannier. Actors: Gianfranco Pacco, Giorgio Fonn, Sasa Carbone, Roberto Creso, Daniele Andreutti, Riccardo Fortuna, Francesco Cardella, Gerri Zannier, Roby Eramo, Maurizio Bressan e Matteo; directed by Giuliano Zannier. Stage design: Giuliana Artico. Presented by Armonia – in collaboration with Art & Zan and the Gruppo teatrale amici di San Giovanni.
Meet Leopold Bloom, Simon Dedalus, Stephen Dedalus, Professor MacHugh, Lenehan, J. J. O’Molly and all the characters gathered at the Freeman’s Journal. Molly Bloom is not present, but she is often alluded to. There is much talk and blather about this, that and the other, with lots of stories and anecdotes about dear dirty Dublin, Ireland and Irish history.

19 – Sala Veruda, Piazza Piccola 2
Unfolding Ulysses – #7 Aeolus
Official opening of Annalisa Metus’ exhibition. Opening hours: from 10 to 13 and from 17 to 20 until the 15th of July. Guided tour of the exhibition by the artist on Friday the 22nd of June and on Friday the 6th of July at 18.00; and on Tuesday the 26th of June and on Tuesday the 10th of July, at 11.00. In collaboration with the students of Liceo Galileo Galiei, Trieste.

It’s all about rhetoric. Bladders full of wind. Miles of unfurled paper. In the physical space of a book or of a paper sculpture, Annalisa Metus tries to reproduce the chaos of thoughts and images which crowds Bloom’s mind and hinder his actions. In praise of surfeit and delay. Millibus grazibus

to be followed by
Bloom Coffe Cocktail
A Coffee – Aperitif offered by Bloom Coffee School – Imperator

21.30 – San Giusto Castle– Bastione Rotondo
Love is unhappy when love is away
(in case of bad weather, Auditorium Revoltella Museum, via Diaz, 27)
Performance written by Diana Höbel, inspired to Chamber Music by James Joyce. With Diana Höbel; music composed and performed by Baby Gelido. In collaboration with Trento Spettacoli.
Chamber Music is a collection of love poems inspired by Elizabethan songs and Lyrics and influenced by Verlaine’s style. The poems, which describe the parable of a love-story (birth, blooming and decline), may be considered Joyce’s first attempt to explore language as a phonetic phenomenon. Joyce’s musical verse combines high and low, the earthly and the celestial, and touch upon notes which resonates in the air.



10.00 – Museo Sartorio, Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII 1
Man with the Word Camera
Gabriele Frasca – conference
The first headline of the episode reminds the reader that we are “In the Heart of the Hibernian Metropolis”. From Nelson’s Pillar, tramcars, postal carts, and porter barrels simultaneously roll to their destinations. The hectic and busy life of a city centre reminds of Dziga Vertov’s feature film and masterpiece, Man with a Movie Camera, which came out in 1929, only seven years after the publication of Ulysses. From the tumult and clamor of the newspaper office and of metropolitan life, Finnegans Wake will slowly make its appearance.

to be followed by
Writer’s Cookies
Official launch of the new biscuits created by Maurizio Stagni, inspired by the great literary figures of the city of Trieste – Svevo, Saba and obviously Joyce himself – and manufactured by Eppinger Bakery. You will have the chance to taste Maurizio’s wonderful creations and enjoy a lovely espresso or capuccino.

to be followed by
Clarinet, violin and piano concerto. Music composed by Marco Battigelli, Davide Coppola e Giorgio Coslovich, with the Trio Joyce: Maria Bertòs – clarinet; Sneana Acimovic – violin; Hiromi Arai- pianoforte. Three pieces of music composed to celebrate Joyce and inspired by his work.

to be followed by
Anjelica Huston on James Joyce: A Shout in the Street
A BBC documentary on Joyce’s turbulent life and astounding literary career. The story of Joyce’s life and work is presented by the celebrated Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston, who grew up in the west of Ireland and has had a close association with Joyce’s work for many years. She delivered an acclaimed stage performance of Molly Bloom’s famous monologue, and played the lead female role in the last movie made by her father John Huston, The Dead.

16 – Museo Revoltella, Auditorium Marco Sofianopulo, via Diaz 27
Il maestro e Cicogno
A play written by Renzo S. Crivelli, with Enza De Rose, Francesco Godina and Maurizio Zacchigna. Directed by Maurizio Zacchigna. In collaboration with Teatro Stabile “La Contrada”.
Cicogno is the publican of the “Belvedere”, a spot frequented by locals which Joyce used to visit quite often. On a rainy night, in the empty osteria, Joyce and Cicogno will spend the night reminiscing and confessing.

17.00 – Piazza Ponterosso, Joyce Buseum
JJ Walking English Tour
Led by Niccolò Coscia, the walking tour of the city, based on Joyce’s life in Trieste, will take you on a trip around some key locations of Joyce’s life in the city and will also show you just how central turbulent and cosmopolitan Trieste was for the creation of Ulysses.
In case of bad weather conditions, the walking tour will take place the following morning, starting at 9.00, leaving from the same place.

18.00 – Museo Joyce Museum, via Madonna del Mare, 13
Odyssey. In the Footsteps of Joyce
Official opening of Greig Stevens’ exhibition
Odyssey (2017) is an audiovisual research project inspired by James Joyce’s novel Ulysses (1922). The artist wandered the streets of Dublin following in the footsteps of the novel’s main characters; Leopold Bloom, Stephen Dedalus and Molly Bloom. The International Situationist concept of the ‘derive’ (drift) offered the artist a framework for the act of aimless walking in ‘an attempt to transform urban life’ for ‘aesthetic, historical or political reasons’ and allowed the artist to explore Dublin’s rich contemporary soundscape.

to be followed by
From Stephen’s Tower to Molly’s Bedroom
Video by Paolo Colombo (IT, 2011, 30 minutes)
111 paintings to represent the whole of Ulysses in a series of interior and exterior landscapes in which the human figure is incessantly evoked by everyday objects and yet is always absent. Paolo Colombo comes back to Trieste to show the video recounting his 2011 Bloomsday artistic experience.

20 – Antico Caffè San Marco, via Battisti, 18
More Been
A round table on the irresistible humour and artistic resourcefulness of the Triestine dialect, for Joyce and for Triestines alike.
“Aeolus” is full of puns and jokes. Joyce was very fond of Triestino, and in some of his letters his familiarity with the dialect of the city is clearly noticeable. May the typical morbin of our vernacular language have impacted on Joyce’s passion for puns and calembours? And is Triestino nowadays as lively as it was in Joyce’s day? Riccardo Cepach, Alessando Ambrosi, Diego Manna and Laura Pelaschiar will converse on the topic.

21.30 – Museo Revoltella, Auditorium Marco Sofianopulo, via Diaz 27
Il maestro e Cicogno – second performance


10.00 – Museo Sartorio, Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII 1
Eolo. Il giornale – second performance

to be followed by
Bloom’s Coffè
Special coffee served by the Bloom Coffee School – Imperator, to be enjoyed with cakes and pastry baked by Maritani Bakery

to be followed by
Un amore di Giacomo. Poemetto in prosa di James Joyce nella Trieste di primo Novecento

Book-launch of Renzo S. Crivelli’s volume (Castelvecchi, 2017) by Pietro Spirito. Un amore di Giacomo is a love story, the protagonist is Joyce himself. Like Charles in Proust’s Swann’s Way Giacomo is the author’s alter ego, and Giacomo Joyce, Joyce’s prose poem set in Trieste, is the text in which the Irish writer’s connections with the golden world of Trieste’s bourgeoisie and its jeunes file en fleurs are visibly epitomized and poetically evoked.

to be followed by
Esclusivo! Gli appare Dio ma non lo riconosce: “Non sapevo chi fosse!”
Performance of the Stolen Wordzs Group. An event organized by Cooperativa Reset, with the support of ALT and ASUITS. Written and performed by Theo Verdiani, Misha Bouquet, Jay Rah, Raffaele Verdiani, Omar Maccaluso, Wissal Houbabi, Roberta Bartole, Emanuele Nicolini, Priscilla Feliciati. Directed by Gigliola Bagatin.
Joyce wrote “That is God… a shout in the street”. But what if God really manifested Himself to save us from the ugliness which surrounds us? How would we react to such an event? How would the newspapers report this spectacular piece of news? The show, performed as poetry slam, is also an homage to Joyce’s immense comic spirit and sense of humour.

16.30 – Sala Bazlen – palazzo Gopcevich, via Rossini 4
Giornaletteratura – Round Table
This event is organized in collaboration with the Representation of Italy at the EU.
It is not unusual to come across novelists and poets writing the occasional article or review for newspapers and magazines. But what happens when professional journalists become novelists or poets? How do journalism and literature cross paths? Do they meddle, cooperate or obstruct one other? Riccardo Cepach will reflect on this, with Cristina Battocletti (“Il Sole 24 Ore”), Mario Baudino (“La Stampa”) and Alessandro Mezzena Lona (“Il Piccolo”).

18.30 – Piazza Ponterosso, Joyce Buseum
The San Giacomo Trail
Following Joyce’s footsteps, Luigi Nacci, poet, writer and traveller, will take you from Piazza Ponterosso, where the Joyce BUSeum will be parked, through the alleyways and narrow streets of the old city, up to the hill of San Giacomo, where strollers will re-encounter the Joyce BUSeum. Here the Bloomsday celebrations will come to an end. You will leave the city of Minerva and Mercury behind – with its elegant shops and posh cafes – to move to working class Trieste, where Baccus and Aeolus are in charge. This is the old city of inns and taverns, of bars and public houses beloved by Joyce and by other poets and writers, some of them semi-forgotten now: urban pilgrims, strangers in their own town, coarse and rough maybe, but rich in spirit and humanity.

20.30 – Campo San Giacomo
Reefolo – Concert – Wooden Legs
It would be a very imperfect Bloomsday festival without some music and dancing. Our house band – the Wooden Legs – will perform their Irish repertoire with irresistible zest and tantalizing energy.
In case of bad weather, the concert will be held at the Museo Revoltella, Auditorium Marco Sofianopulo, via Diaz, 27.

21.30 – cinema – Bloomsday 2018
The Dead
John Houston’s Joycean masterpiece. If the weather is not at its best, the film will be shown at the Museo Revoltella, Auditorium Marco Sofianopulo, via Diaz, 27.
The Dead (USA, 1987, 83 minutes, in English with Italian subtitles) is an extraordinary dramatization of Joyce’s masterful short story “The Dead”, directed by John Houston, starring his daughter Angelica Houston and Irish actor Donal MacCann. The Dead was Houston’s last artistic project and the last film that he directed.
In case of bad weather, the movie will be shown at the Museo Revoltella, Auditorium Marco Sofianopulo, via Diaz, 27.



The Joyce BUSeum
After last year’s great success, we are pleased to announce that the Joyce BUSeum will be part of our 2018 Bloomsday celebrations. The mobile Joycean museum on a vintage bus will open on 14th June at the Grezar Stadium (see programme), it will then will be parked in Piazza Ponterosso – near the Joyce statue and close to one of Joyce’s apartments – from the morning of the 15th of June till the evening of the 17th of June; it will then move to Campo San Giacomo, during the San Giacomo walk (see programme), to meet the “pilgrims” and end the celebrations. Brochures and other informative material, both on Bloomsday and, more generally, on Joyce’s stay in Trieste, will be available on the bus. In collaboration with Knulp Bar Libreria, Associazione Inbusclub, and the students from Liceo Galileo Galilei.

EARLAND – The Joycean answer to Eataly. This eno-gastronomic experience – which should always be a part of any cultural experience – will include:

Mimì and Cocotte, via Cadorna 19 – CALYPSO – BREAKFAST
On the 16th of June, starting at 8.30, an accurate Joycean breakfast will be served; a 5% discount will be applied for those taking part in the Bloomsday celebrations.
Info and booking: 3488369072

Antico Caffè San Marco, via Battisti, 18 CAFÉ CHEZ JOYCE
At the Caffè San Marco, chef Matija Antolovic’s specialities, featuring Irish dishes and craft beer from Foglie d’Erba brewery, will be served during the Bloomsday celebrations; a free cup of coffee will be offered to those taking part in the Bloomsday festival.
Info and booking: 040 0641724;

Pub Mastro Birraio, via Venezian, 24/b A PINT OF IRELAND
From the 14th to the 16th of June, beginning at 19.00, an Irish dinner will be served at the special price of 24 euro. Lots of Irish music included. The menu will offer Jacked potatoes with bacon, cabbage and cheese, grilled cheddar cheese, Irish stew, Irish cream chocolate mousse, and a glass of beer (0,15 l) for every course.
Info and booking: 349 8356201

Bar Panoramik, San Giusto Castle, Bastione Rotondo. EAT AND READ
On the 15th of June, starting at 20.00 and before the show, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a classic Bloom-like rebechin (snack) – gorgonzola cheese sandwich and a glass of burgundy – while flicking through the pages of a Joyce book, which comes included in the price (13 euro). The view is breathtaking.
Info and booking: tel. 040 300021;


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