Bloomsday 2015



The tradition is renewed. This year, from june 13th to 16th, we are going to remember James Joyce again, with a festival conceived to celebrate the irish writers’s long stay in Trieste between 1904 and 1920. Here he imagined and wrote “The Dubliners”, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” and above all, the first three chapters of his masterpiece, “Ulysses”. Bloomsday, a worldwide festival Joyce scholars and enthusiasts celebrate on june 16th, the day when take place the (anti)epic of Leopold Bloom, unforgettable protagonist of the novel. As in Dublin, New York, Pula, Melbourne, Shanghai, Moscow, Paris, London, Montreal, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and in hundreds of small and big towns all over the world, in Trieste – the town Joyce called “my second homeland” – we will act, dance, converse, play and toast James Joyce and his great (anti)hero, secretly triestine, Leopold Bloom.

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Video: Nicole Leghissa and Michele Pupo
Commentary: John McCourt
Music: Wooden Legs