EileenBorn in Dublin, January 22, 1889.  Accompanied Joyce on his return to Trieste from the Volta Cinema venture in January, 1910, and lived with the Joyce family  in via Scussa, 8 and then in via Barriera Vecchia, 32.  In early 1911, Joyce threw the manuscript of  Portrait into the fire and she saved it from burning.

In April, 1915 she married Frantisek Schaurek, a bank clerk from Prague and former student of Joyce’s.  Immediately after the wedding they moved to Prague where she would spend the war years.  They had two children, Beatrice Bertha name after the characters in Exiles and  Bozena.

After the war they returned to Trieste and rented a flat in via Sanità, 2, near the waterfront, where first Stanislaus and then Joyce and his family would also come to live.  In November, 1926, while she was in Ireland, her husband, who had been accused of embezzling funds, committed suicide in Trieste.  She would continue to remain in Trieste for several more years before moving back to Ireland, with both Stanisalus and James providing financial support for her family.  In January, 1935, she came to Zurich to stay with Lucia during one of her periods of institutionalisation. She also accompanied Lucia to London to visit Harriet Shaw Weaver and hosted her in Bray during her ill-fated visit to Ireland later that year.   Eileen Joyce died on January 27, 1963.