22 – Police in Graz inform Trieste police that James Joyce, living in Seefeldstr. 54, Zurich, is corresponding with various Triestines, including Mario Tripcovich, Silvia Mordo, A. Morterra, Franz Schaurek in Prague and Francesca Lorenzetto, a former student who has taken his flat in via Bramante.  He is said to be of ‘dubious political reputation’ but without ever having caused particular problems


JJ appears in Trieste police files (‘Kouvertaddresse’) as ‘suspect person’ of Czech nationality, living in Kreutzstr. 19, Zurich; apparently related  to his acting as intermediary for correspondence



12 – publication of Diego Angeli’s article on Portrait: ‘Un romanzo di gesuiti’, in Il Marzocco, XXII, n. 32



Elkin Mathews publishes 2nd edition of Chamber Music


6 – Publication of Silvio Benco’s article on Joyce: ‘Un illustre scrittore inglese a Trieste’, in Benco’s Triestine arts journal Umana


4 – Armistice between Austria and Italy; Italian troops enter and occupy Trieste
6 – Emma and Giuseppe Cuzzi among the first of Joyce’s acquaintances to return to Trieste



7 – The British Ambassador to Switzerland, Renell Rodd, acting under orders from the British Secretary of State, requests the Italian authorities to permit British subjects to return to Italy


21 – The Revoltella requests the Italian authorities to permit Joyce to return to Trieste in order to resume his teaching position; however, on instructions from Rome the Italian consulate in Zurich was blocking the return of British subjects to Italy and it would take many months for this request to be processed and approved


Verbannte, the German translation of Exiles published at JJ’s  expense by Rascher & Co., Zurich


25 – Stanislaus writes JJ:  ‘do you think you can give me a rest’


4 (?) – Telegram from Italian Consulate in Zurich requesting passport for JJ’s return to Trieste if the Italian authorities in Trieste (Governatorato) give their nulla osta


13 – Italian Consulate in Zurich repeats request for passport for Joyce


mid – JJ returns to Trieste, moves in with Eileen and Frantisek Schaurek, their two children, Stanislaus, a cook and babysitter in via Sanità, 2, III p. near the waterfront and Piazza Grande