Month – curfew for English citizens, not allowed to circulate after 8pm without permission; Francini Bruni and family leave for Italy (other sources date his departure in May,  1915)
8 – Chief Education Inspector Eugenio Gelcich recommends renewing JJ’s contract at the Revoltella
9 – Stanislaus and 4 other English citizens living in Trieste escorted by police to Vienna; from Vienna to Waidhofen, and then to internment in Austrian prison camp in Schloss Kirchberg, and subsequently in the Schloss Grossau bei Raabs where he would spend the rest of the War

end – JJ takes out loan for 600 crowns from Il Consorzio Industriale di Mutui Prestiti; loan is co-signed by Vidacovich and guaranteed by Artifoni. The loan would not be paid off until March 1918 (probably by Vidacovich) with additional 138.85 crowns in interest.


27 – new restrictions for English citizens in Trieste:  1) cannot leave city without special permit; 2) must sign register every Monday at Police Headquarters; 3) cannot leave their homes between 8pm – 6am; 4) cannot frequent public places, bars, restaurants, etc.


4 – 18 students organise protest on JJ’s behalf at the Revoltella
13 – JJ informed that he can begin teaching again at the Revoltella
c. 29 – Ezra Pound gives final chapter of Portrait to Grant Richards; sends JJ draft agreement for Pinker to become his agent


1 – JJ tells Pinker he has written Exiles
12 – Eileen [J&T 05]marries Frantisek Schaurek, JJ best man. Immediately after wedding the couple go to Prague where Frantisek has been called up for military service
23 – bread riots in Trieste in the areas of San Giacomo and Barriera Vecchia


Month – with Italy’s entry into war imminent, many of JJ’s friends and students leave Trieste (Cuzzi, Prezioso, etc.); H. L. Mencken publishes ‘The Boarding House’ and ‘A Little Cloud’ in the Smart Set.
6 – exams announced for the Revoltella
23 – Italy enters war; violent anti-Italian demonstrations in Trieste with many pro-Italian institutions and cafes ransacked and vandalised and the offices of Il Piccolo burnt


16 – The Revoltella closes down due to lack of students and staff; JJ attempts unsuccessfully to collect his pay for July.  JJ writes Stanislaus (in German) that ‘I have written the first episode of my new novel Ulysses’.
20-27 – with the help of Count Sordina and Baron Ralli, Joyce obtains permission from the Austrian authorities to leave Trieste; Ralli loans him 300 crowns, Svevo 250.
27 – the Joyce family leaves Trieste for Zurich


From mid-July to end of August Leopoldo Popper and his family stay at the Pension Tiefenau in Zurich (Popper had left Trieste for Vienna on June 26)
30 – JJ in letter to Llewelyn Roberts of the Royal Literary Fund, mentions debts of 300 crowns with Ambrogio Ralli and 250 crowns with Gioacchino Veneziani (presumably Svevo)


1 – last instalment of Portrait appears in The Egoist


7 – JJ writes Emma Cuzzi thanking her for the print of the Dedalus and Icarus bas relief she had sent him from Rome