Tullio Silvestri paints portrait of JJ

Tullio Silvestri paints portrait of JJ


JJ begins working part-time for Gioacchino Veneziani’s (Svevo’s father in law) ship-varnish company for 100 crowns monthly
15 – Ezra Pound publishes ‘A curious history’ in The Egoist, I, 2, JJ’s account of the vicissitudes of Dubliners; Portrait begins to appear serially in the same review
19 – Pound writes JJ, telling him Portrait) is  ‘damn fine stuff’ and that  he will try to publish some of the stories from Dubliners.
20 – Premiere of Wagner’s Parsifal, JJ goes 3-4 times
24 – JJ says an Italian translation of ‘Ivy Day in the Committee Room’ would appear in Nuova Antologia (it did not appear)


27 – Grant Richards agrees to publish Dubliners with revised contract


13 – Shooting incident at the Revoltella involving Slav and Italian students
20 – JJ signs contract with Grant Richards for Dubliners; 1,250 copies
25 – JJ sends Angelo Fortunato Formìggini the 9 articles written for Il Piccolo della Sera for possible publication; JJ’s proposed title for the collection is: ‘Ireland at the Bar’


c. 1 – Ezra Pound receives Chapter II of Portrait


Eileen announces her engagement to Frantisek Schaurek, a Czech bank clerk who took lessons from JJ;  John Stanislaus writes JJ asking for information on ‘this gentleman’.


15 – Dubliners published
19 – JJ has photo taken for Grant Richards
26 – Svevo thanks JJ for copy of Dubliners, suggests he write on Trieste
28 – Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife in Sarejevo; the bodies pass through Trieste on their way to burial in Vienna


15 – Ezra Pound’s article ‘’Dubliners’ and Mr. James Joyce’ appears in The Egoist, I, 14
16 – Ezra Pound receives Chapter III of Portrait and thanks JJ for sending him article on the Vorticists ‘I Vorticisti sorpassano in audacia i Futuristi’, published in Il Piccolo della Sera
28 – Austria declares war on Serbia; in following days Germany, Russia, France and Great Britain enter the war


JJ works on 2nd and 3rd acts of Exiles


17 – JJ suspended from teaching at the Revoltella


10 – JJ writes to Lieutenancy regarding his position at the Revoltella and asking to have his documents returned
16 – Ministry writes to Lieutenancy requesting more information about Joyce
28 – official order for Stanislaus’ internment
30 – Giorgio suspended from the school in via Parini pursuant to circular by city authorities (poss. related to Joyce’s status as enemy subject), readmitted Feb. 9, 1915. He would remain in school until June 23, just before the Joyce’s departure from Trieste. Lucia was apparently not suspended and would leave school on June 14, 1915.