10 – JJ completes 1910 census form:  the Joyces live in a flat with 4 rooms, a study and a room for a live-in maid, Maria Kirn, and pay 1120 crowns rent annually;  JJ declares himself to be married to Nora, ‘without religion’ and gives the language of usage (‘umgangsprach’) of the children as Italian; Eileen is not listed as living in  the flat, poss. living with Stanislaus
12 – JJ claims he is about to leave Trieste, poss.  related to dispute with Stanislaus which involves a Miss O’Brien and Francini Bruni (‘the Christographer of  the via dell’Olmo’)
22 – JJ  learns that the publication of Dubliners is again postponed ‘sine die’


Throws manuscript of Portrait‘ into fire; ms. saved by Eileen


Late – Mabel Joyce dies of typhoid, age 17; JJ and Stanislaus send money and pay for wreath


Eva returns to Dublin
Late  – JJ sends copy of Ivy day in the Committee Room to George V


11 – Buckingham Palace returns JJ’s  letter and enclosures without comment
17 – writes open letter to Irish Press on Dubliners
mid – Giorgio and Eileen go for holiday on Maria Kirn’s family’s farm
30 – JJ writes Maria Kirn, reproving her for not  returning sooner with Giorgio
Eileen leaves to work for Seravallo family in San Daniele


2 – JJ’s letter published in Sinn Fein
16 – Giorgio enters the via Parini School; attends same school for 4 years, is registered as ‘senza confessione’


JJ applies to Istituto Tecnico di Como


23  – sends Geoffrey Palmer postcard with photo of Antonio Smareglia, Triestine composer and JJ’s neighbour