2 – JJ leaves for Trieste with his sister Eileen; he is suffering from severe iritis (in later letter he claims he travelled with bandages on his eyes and was laid up for 2 months upon his return to Trieste)
10 – ‘serata futurista’ at the Rossetti Theatre with Marinetti and others
end – Stanislaus moves out of flat in via Scussa


Premiere of D’Annunzio’s Fedra
12 – Zannoni attempts to repossess JJ’s piano on which he has already paid 300 crowns


16 – JJ presents Vidacovich with signed copy of Chamber Music
30 – death of John Murray, JJ’s maternal uncle


Early – JJ corrects proofs for Dubliners (Maunsel & Co.)
14 – Volta sold with loss of £600;  JJ believes himself cheated out of 1000 crowns
15  – Letter from Svevo in London, commiserating with JJ for Volta setback


Argues with Stanislaus


JJ takes flat in via Barriera Vecchia, 32, III p.


JJ begins to teach night classes for the Società degli impiegati civili, via Bacchi 4 (position probably obtained thanks to Artifoni)


22 – JJ’s article ‘La cometa dell’Home Rule’ appears in Il Piccolo della Sera