Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler at the Fenice
8 – letter from Svevo with his comments on first 3 chapters of Portrait


Completes translation of Synge’s Riders to the Sea with Vidacovich


24 – JJ’s article ‘Oscar Wilde: il poeta di ‘Salomè’ appears in Il Piccolo della Sera for premiere of Strauss’ Salomè with Gemma Bellincioni


Sends Dubliners to Maunsel; according to Ellmann begins to accumulate material for Ulysses
21 – Fratelli Treves refuses JJ’s offer to translate Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray
25 – moves to via Scussa, 8


Reads translation of Riders to the Sea  to Alfredo Sainati of the Italian Grand Guignol Theatre Company




19 – permission granted for translation of Wilde’s The Soul of Man Under Socialism


3 – JJ sings in the quintet from Wagner’s Die Meistersinger in the year-end concert of the Conservatorio di Musica di Trieste, concert reviewed in Il Piccolo and L’Indipendente
26 – leaves Trieste with Giorgio for Ireland
29 – arrives in Ireland with Giorgio


6 – JJ accuses Nora of having betrayed him with Vincent Cosgrave
7– second letter from JJ to Nora:  ‘is Georgie my son?’
8 – JJ visits Byrne at 7 Eccles St., who reassures him regarding Nora
10 – JJ considers applying for position as Intermediate Board examiner and for professorship in Italian at  the National University; asks Stanislaus to obtain recommendations in Trieste
16 – JJ seeks rights to Synge’s Riders to the Sea;  learns that there will be no professorship of Italian, only lectureship for evening school
19 – JJ signs contract with Maunsel for Dubliners; seeks reconciliation with Nora; wants to write article on Shaw’s The Shewing-up of Bianco Posnet
20 – Caruso sings in Dublin, JJ unable to interview him
25 – The Abbey Theatre produces The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet; JJ sends article to Stanislaus
26 – JJ goes to Galway, visits Nora’s relations
28 – JJ returns to Dublin


2 – JJ to Nora:  ‘I am in a wretched state of confusion and weakness on account of doing what I told  you’
5 – JJ’s article  ‘La Battaglia fra Bernard Shaw e la censura’ appears in Il Piccolo della Sera; ‘JJ to Nora: ‘O that I could nestle in your womb like a child born of your flesh and blood, be fed by your blood, sleep in the warm secret gloom of your body’
7 – Thomas Kettle marries Mary Sheehy (Emma Clery in Stephen Hero); JJ to Nora:  ‘A brief madness or heaven. I know I lose my reason for the time it lasts.  At first how cold you were, Nora, do you remember?’
9 – leaves Dublin with Eva, JJ’s sister and Giorgio
13 – Returns to Trieste with Eva


16 – signs contract for Volta Cinema with Vidacovich, Machnich, Caris and Rebez; sees Madame Butterfly with Nora
18 – leaves Trieste for Dublin
21 – arrives in Dublin
28 – JJ:  ‘I am rather bad with sciatica along the leg’


1 – JJ to Nora:  ‘It is very good of you to enquire about that damned dirty affair of mine’
3 – JJ plans  to send Ignazio Steiner samples of Irish tweeds
17 – JJ  mentions Amalia Popper as pupil; says he wrote 10 page letter to Sordina on coursing
18 – JJ responds to Nora’s threat to leave him:‘I have utterly degraded myself in your sight’, etc.
27 – JJ goes to Belfast


2 – first of so-called ‘dirty letters’; exchange probably begun by Nora in a letter on Dec. 1 (no longer extant) in which she wrote that she was  ‘longing to be fucked’ by JJ
3 – JJ:  ‘and now night, secret sinful night has come down again on the world … Even if I learn that you too have sinned…’
7 – provocative letter from Nora
9 – JJ to Nora: ‘the two parts of your body which do dirty things are the loveliest to me’
ca. 13 – JJ to Nora: ‘… go to others?  You can give me all and more than they can’ (beginning of letter seems to have been deliberately cut)
20 – Volta Cinema opens in Dublin
22 – JJ sends Nora bound copy of Chamber Music as Christmas present
23 – JJ to Nora:  ‘Why is it I am destined to look so many times in my life with eyes of longing on Trieste’;  JJ to Stanislaus:  ‘Rheumatism seems to be better but I am awfully played out’
24 – JJ to Nora:  ‘Why is it that I cannot impress you with my magnificent poses as I do other people?’