10 – Nora pregnant
15 – receives contract from Elkin Mathews
29 – riot at Synge’s Playboy of the Western World in Dublin; JJ comments 2 days later


6 – Letter to Stanislaus: ‘‘Ulysses never got any forrader than the title’; mentions other stories he would like to write, including The Dead”
9 – JJ writes father asking about his financial situation; letter has apparently not survived
14 – JJ gives notice at bank, wants to return to Trieste if Artifoni will have him
17 – JJ attends procession in honour of Giordano Bruno
19 – thinks of going to Marseilles
20 – ‘my mouth is full of decayed teeth and my soul of decayed ambitions’
21 – John Long rejects Dubliners


1 – sends corrected proofs of Chamber Music to Elkin Mathews
7 – returns to Trieste
8 – stays in Stanislaus’s flat in v. S. Nicolò, 32, Stanislaus moves out temporarily to via Beccherie, the ‘whore’s quarter’
15 – JJ finds room in via Nuova 45, rehired by Artifoni  for 15 crowns for 6 hrs of lessons weekly
21 – JJ engaged to give 3 lectures on ‘The Celtic Revival’ for the Università Popolare
22 –  JJ’s article ‘Il Fenianismo:  L’ultimo Feniano’ appears in Il Piccolo della Sera (article suggested by JJ’s pupil, Roberto Prezioso)
28 – page proofs of Chamber Music arrive via Rome; JJ corrects them and returns them to Elkin Mathews


Early – JJ decides to publish Chamber Music, persuaded by Stanislaus after long discussion in Piazza delle Poste
4 – Mahler conducts Beethoven and his own 1st Symphony
24 – self-pitying letter from father
27 – gives lecture ‘Ireland Island of Saints & Sages’, for the Università Popolare in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce (3 lectures reduced to 1 by JJ); 139 people in attendance


Early – Chamber Music  published  (July 24, 1908 – 127 of 502 copies sold; 1913 – still less than 200)
Offers to report Dublin Exposition for Corriere della Sera in order to visit Father
11 – conversation on realism and Ibsen (see Ellmann)
13 – JJ begins to suffer from iritis; goes to Dr. Oscar Oblath several times in following days and has them pencilled with silver nitrate
19  – JJ’s article ‘Home Rule maggiorenne’ appears in Il Piccolo della Sera; JJ very ill, according to Stanislaus walks around like someone who has been ‘crippled by one of the great diseases’
21 – Joyce bedridden with what is diagnosed by Dr. Senigaglia as ‘rheumatic fever’


1 – Thomas Kettle reviews Chamber Music in Freeman’s Journal
13 – JJ goes outside for first time after 3 weeks in bed; his right arm is disabled and he begins ‘electric cure’ at the Poliambulanza, most probably with Dr. Alessandro Marina


Early – writes to South African Colonisation Society
7 – JJ is still suffering from neuralgia and has difficulty walking
20 – JJ gives permission to Geoffrey Palmer to set a number of poems in Chamber Music
25 – Stanislaus and JJ admit Nora to the maternity ward in the Ospedale Maggiore
26 – Lucia born in the Ospedale Maggiore
Summer – JJ begins teaching Svevo, and shortly after his wife Livia


5 – Nora leaves Ospedale Maggiore with Lucia, receives 20 crowns in charity
18-19 – Joyces, Stanislaus included, move to via S. Caterina 1


8 – informs Stanislaus that he will rewrite Stephen Hero after ‘The Dead’ (intends to omit 1st chap., write 5 long chapters)
15 – JJ goes to Synagogue in the Old Ghetto
16 – JJ’s article ‘Irlanda alla sbarra’ appears in Il Piccolo della Sera; has only 2-3 lessons a week
20 – completes ‘The Dead’, reads it to Svevo and Livia, Livia very moved, goes into garden and picks rose for JJ; Artifoni leaves school to teachers Joseph Guye and Paolo Scholz
30 – Guye and Scholz take over school; JJ’s debt, accumulated during his illness, is transferred to them.


28 – letter from Gogarty in Vienna


Elkin Mathews rejects Dubliners
10 – JJ intends to expand Ulysses story into a ‘Dublin Peer Gynt’
17 – Artifoni suggests JJ go to Pola
23 – JJ reads Mrs. Warren’s Profession by George Bernard Shaw; letter from Gogarty
29 – JJ finishes revising first chapter of Stephen Hero
7 – JJ praises D’Annunzio as the ‘only writer in Europe who can write a novel’


5 – Gogarty writes JJ from Vienna, invites him to Athens
6 – JJ complains of heart ‘pains’
8 – JJ plans to send Giorgio to Dublin in summer; says he has recovered from the ‘rheumatism’
12 – letter from Gogarty
14 – JJ writes Gogarty
17 -  Stanislaus’ birthday
20 – letter from Gogarty
22 – Stanislaus reads some of 2nd chapter
JJ sees Zaconni in Turgenev’s Il pane altrui