27 – JJ tells Grant Richards he has finished another story, ‘Two Gallants’


17 – Grant Richards accepts Dubliners
22 – sends Grant Richards ‘Two Gallants’
23 – Grant Richards sends JJ a contract for Dubliners
24 – Moves into flat with Francini Bruni in via Giovanni Boccaccio 1, II p., near the train station
28 – discusses publication of Dubliners with Grant Richards and encloses description of collection by Stanislaus; says he is earning £80 annually and teaching a baroness (Caterina Ralli)


6 – Grant Richards suggests he write an autobiographical novel
13 – tells Grant Richards he has written 914 pages of an autobiographical novel, or one half of the projected book, but is incapable of finishing it at present


22 – has finished ‘A Little Cloud’
23 – Grant Richards asks for changes in ‘Two Gallants’, ‘Counterparts’ and ‘Grace’
26 – JJ refuses to make any changes


5 – JJ provides detailed reply to Grant Richards, cites Guglielmo Ferrero and mentions ‘ragging cases’; ‘I have written it… in a style of scrupulous meanness and with the conviction that he is a very bold man who dares to alter in the presentment, still more to deform, whatever he has seen and heard’
20 – JJ offers to omit 5 stories, but wants to keep ‘Two Gallants’ and ‘An Encounter’
Writes to bank in Rome


6 -  reply from Aunt Josephine to Stanislaus’ letter in which he had described JJ’s drinking, problems with Nora and change of directorship at the Berlitz
10 – JJ to Grant Richards, refusing to change his position, says he will be going to Rome  at the end of July (hired by Nast-Kolb and Schumacher Bank)
14 – letter from Gogarty, from New York; suggests JJ move to America, that they meet in Italy


9 – JJ sends Grant Richards manuscript of Dubliners with corrections; says he will be leaving Trieste on July 28;
28 – registers Giorgio’s birth,  Berlitz co-directors Joseph Guyè and Paolo Sholz witnesses; he and Nora claim married status
c. 30 – Joyces leave Trieste for Fiume, thence by overnight boat to Ancona
31 – JJ arrives in Rome


6 -  in letter from Rome, JJ gives Stanislaus instructions on paying bills owed to the baker, tailors, doctors, Francini Bruni and Moise Canarutto, the landlord in via S. Nicolò 30
19 – ‘I am troubled every night by horrible and terrifying dreams:  death, corpses, assassinations in which I take an unpleasantly prominent part’


2 – Symons writes JJ telling him to publish Dubliners on Grant Richard’s conditions and that he will recommend Chamber Music to Elkin Mathews
4-  JJ on Gogarty and ‘sexual excess’/venereal disease
13 – JJ asks Grant Richards to return his poems, makes final concessions on Dubliners  and tells him that he is not ‘in a fit state of mind’ to finish his novel at the present time
18 – Grant Richards refuses to publish Dubliners even with changes


6 – JJ complains of constipation; ‘the Church is still, as it was in the time of Adrian IV, the enemy of Ireland’
13 – JJ on ‘venereal excess’: ‘I presume there are very few mortals in Europe who are not in danger of waking some morning and finding themselves syphilitic’
20 – JJ offers Dubliners to John Long; sees procession and service at St. Peter’s


7 – sends Dubliners to John Long