1 – D’Annunzio’s Città Morta at the Politeama Ciscutti in Pola
13 -  JJ has moved to via Medolino, 7, I p.; is working on Chapter XVI;
17 – Italian sociologist Enrico Ferri at the Ciscutti
19 – sends Stanislaus story ‘Hallow Eve’ (later entitled ‘Clay’)


2 – on his birthday visits the island of Brioni with Nora and colleagues from Berlitz
7 – working on Chapter XVII; now wears pince-nez glasses
20 – working on Chapter XVIII;
27 – Giuseppe Bertelli, Berlitz assistant director, arrives in Pola, possibly to arrange for JJ’s  transfer to Trieste
28 – tells Stanislaus to send letters to Trieste, via S. Nicolò 32; says he will leave Sunday (March 4)


1st week – JJ takes flat in Piazza Ponterosso, 3, III p.
15  – has finished Chapter XVIII


4 – describes Greek mass he had seen previous Sunday; working on Chapter XX and XXI; tells Stanislaus to address next letter to the Berlitz as he will be leaving flat on Sunday (April 8) (letter seems to be written over several days); complains of his health


1 – JJ takes flat in via S. Nicolò 30, II p, next door to Berlitz School
2 – asks Grant Richards to return manuscript of ‘Chamber Music’
2-3 – working on Chapter XXII; complains that he had trouble finding rooms because of Nora’s pregnant state (see letter of July 12); has entered puzzle contest; is writing summary of English literature for Berlitz textbook for Japanese; justifies his not marrying Nora and says he does not want to ‘superimpose on my child the very troublesome burden of belief which my mother and father superimposed on me’; according to Ellmann has finished ‘A painful Case’
27 – tells Stanislaus he will send 50 copies of The Holy Office which he has had reprinted in Trieste; intends to take singing lessons


7 – JJ tells Stanislaus he has sent copies of The Holy Office; is working on Chapter XXIV
11 – is studying Danish and taking singing lessons from Sinico (prob. Francesco)


12 – sends Stanislaus ‘The Boarding House’ and has written ‘Counterparts’; thinks of writing a book after ‘Dubliners’  to be called ‘Provincials’; says John Lane has refused ‘Chamber Music’ and that they had been evicted 3 times due to Nora’s condition; complains about the rudeness of the Triestines and Nora’s poor health and ‘melancholy’; suggests that he and Stanislaus take a cottage outside of Dublin or that Stanislaus come to Trieste
15 – says he will send ‘Counterparts’ to Stanislaus; has offered Chamber Music to Heineman
19 – Heineman rejects Chamber Music
27 – Giorgio born at 9pm, delivered by Dr. Gilberto Senigaglia


17 – JJ sends Grant Richards second copy of Chamber Music
18 – sends Stanislaus ‘A painful Case’


1 – sends Stanislaus ‘Ivy day in the committee room’; says child is still  nameless
18 – son still unnamed; ‘paternity a legal fiction’, sends  Stanislaus ‘An encounter’
21 – Grant Richards asks JJ to pay for publishing Chamber Music
23 – offers Dubliners to Heineman
c. 24 – says he will send Stanislaus ‘A Mother’
30 – tells Stanislaus there is a position vacant at the Berlitz and that he could take a room with their landlady; sends  ‘A Mother’


3 – Arthur Symons tells JJ to send Dubliners to Constable
c. 12 – gives instructions to Stanislaus for trip to Trieste
15 – complains of ‘gastrical disarrangement’; sends Chamber Music to Constable, offers Dubliners to Grant Richards
16 – further instructions to Stanislaus; is copying out ‘Araby’ ; has sent The Holy Office to Symons; mentions Count Sordina; has finally named son ‘Georgie’, Nora nursing him; ‘thanks be to Jaysus no gospeller has put his dirty face within the bawl of an ass of him yet’
18 – Grant Richards agrees to read Dubliners
c. 18 – Has begun ‘Grace’, the ‘last’ story; has sent Chamber Music to Constable
27 – tells Stanislaus to pick up extra money from Berlitz in Berlin
c. 29 – letter from Cosgrave with some stanzas of Gogarty’s ‘Sinbad’ and the ‘Song of the Cheerful Jaysus’; mentions that Stanislaus has wired of his safe arrival in Trieste.


3- sends Dubliners to Grant Richards
4 – tells Aunt Josephine that there may be some ‘alteration’ in his ‘relations’ with Nora (poss. related to his purported affair with Annie Schleimer)
5 – Mahler conducts his 5th Symphony at the Verdi Theatre