20 – JJ arrives in Trieste; detained by police for several hours; told there is no place for him at the  Berlitz School; tells Stanislaus that he has finished Chapter XII of Stephen Hero
21-29 – JJ looks for work, finds several pupils; in later letter tells Stanislaus that he had 4 addresses during this period
29 – Joyce and Nora leave for Pola on Graf Wurmbrand, are met by Artifoni
30 – Takes flat in via Giulia, 2, opposite Berlitz School which is situated next to the Porta Aurea, Clivo San Stefano 1, II P.
31 – ad in Giornaletto di Pola announcing JJ’s arrival; unveiling of statue of Sissi; JJ tells Stanislaus he has written part of a new short story ‘Christmas Eve’


5 – Innsbruck riots, violence against Italian students with 4 deaths
6 – demonstration in Pola for Innsbruck, anti-Austrian slogans, procession passes under Berlitz School
10 – JJ writes his father John Stanislaus, tells him Stanislaus could teach for the Berlitz
19 –  JJ writes Stanislaus, says he receives £2 weekly for 16 hours teaching; tells him he has written 5 pages on ‘Esthetic Philosophy’; criticises George Moore’s Untilled Field  which he is reading in the Tauchnitz edition


3 – Nora pregnant
12 – tells Stanislaus that he has finished Chapter XIII
15 – Tells Stanislaus that he  is planning to translate ‘Mildred Lawson’, a story in George Moore’s Celibates, with Francini Bruni for a ‘big publisher in Florence’
17 – ‘After the Race’ published in The Irish Homestead
28 – tells Stanislaus he is working in Chapter XV and has begun translating ‘Mildred Lawson’; writes of Bioscope films he saw with Nora; plans to get glasses