James Joyce ispira Aldo Bachmayer

Ulysses – Finnegans Cyberwake June 2002 James Joyce inspires Aldo Bachmayer: Ulysses – Finnegans Cyberwake. Palazzo Costanzi Exhibition Hall.  The exhibition presented a series of paintings which, in the words of the artist, attempt to «translate James Joyce into the language of images».

Photos of Joyce’s Dublin

di Karlheinz Potter June 2001 Photos of Joyce’s Dublin by Karlheinz Potter, Revoltella Museum, June-July. The exhibition was composed of 40 panels of historical photos of Dublin, showing addresses related to Joyce, documents, etc.

Un’amicizia tra le righe Giugno 1999 The  exhibition Caro signor Schmitz … / My dear Mr. Joyce: un’amicizia tra le righe was inaugurated on June 16, 1999 and documented the unconventional relationship between the two writers, presenting many rare photographs, original manuscripts and correspondence. The  exhibition also included 30 portraits by the painter Bruno Chersicla dedicated to  Joyce’s many friends [...]