A party for Joyce
14-17 June

Bloomsday, the festival commemorating James Joyce (who lived in Trieste from 1904 to 1920) and celebrating his unforgettable creation Leopold Bloom is back!

Observed annually on the 16th of June in Dublin, New York, Pola, Melbourne, Shanghai, Moscow, Paris, London, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and elsewhere in the world, Bloomsday will be celebrated in Trieste – the city which Joyce called “my second country” – with a range of cultural activities: conferences and exhibitions, dramatizations and readings, drink and food, music and dancing, chatting, walking and strolling, all in the name of Joyce and of his great (anti)hero.

This year the Bloomsday events will be focused on episode seven of Ulysses, “Aeolus”, which takes place in the Freeman Journal newspaper offices, at 12.15. Bloom is in the back office of the Freeman getting a copy of his Keyes advertisement. While at work, he walks through the printing rooms to the Telegraph offices and talks to various characters gathered there, some of them for work, some others because they are passing by. The text records the noise of the printing press as well as the chatting and conversing of journalists and visitors alike. The newspaper-like headlines break up the text, while the Keeper of the Winds is represented by the windy rhetoric used in journalism, oratory and daily blathering.

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